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The Simple Guide To Business Promotion

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B2B: How Social Media Will Benefit Your Business

It's the glue that holds everything together In B2B marketing, social media is most effective at achieving branding goals, such as influencing brand reputation and increasing brand awareness. It’s also a very effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic for...
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What makes Divergent Solutions different is our complete understanding of branding in all, printing, video etc. By combining our knowledge of all aspects, we are able to create a brand strategy that can enhance your brand image above others. We start the project by understanding your brand and your target market. Our dedicated designers will do market research based on your information and come up with a few design concepts. You can also tell our designers what you are looking for specifically, whether it be a logo text, a logo mark, or any kind of corporate colour you would like to use for your brand. Our designers will then walk you through their logo concepts and based on your feedback, our designers will do iterations towards the chosen direction. We will ensure that you will receive an outstanding logo for your brand.

Once we have completed the logo design, our designer will also provide you with a professional business card design that goes hand in hand your brand image.

Our Design Process

Design Consultation

You will need to provide us the a detail design brief prior to the design process. Please fill out the form below.

Idea & Brainstorm

Our designer will research on your target market and industry


Our designer will start designing based on the customer’s information


We will modify the designs according to customer’s request (within the project scope)

Turnaround Time

5 – 7 Business Days for initial design concepts

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