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Since 2013, Divergent Solutions, Inc. has helped owners develop, design and implement solutions that grow businesses of all sizes.

If you are a business owner who is committed to bettering yourself and your business, who wants more out of your business and your life and wants more sales, Team Divergent can guide you to success.

We have a developed a process that can help increase your profit, organize, structure and allow your business to adapt over the course of one year. Each step along the way allows profit and growth and enhances your overall structure. 

We find this approach to garner the best results. Many firms believe that sessions or a download can put you on the path to success. We have found that working one on one with own owners is the only way to get the results you have been searching for.


Month One

Roap Map

Month Three to Six

Training & Coaching

Month Six to Nine


Month Two

Business Plan

Month Four to Eight

Marketing Strategy

Month Ten to Twelve

Analysis & Maintenance

Let’s build something extraordinary


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