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Digital Marketing

All Inclusive

Digital marketing only works if all the pieces work together. That means your website, your SEO, your social media, any digital ads and email campaigns have to tie to each other. You also have to know who your targeting and how to reach them. We don’t just generate traffic to your site & social media but get your potential customers to call or fill out contact forms. We put you in your customer’s hand 24/7, when they need you.

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All Packages Include:

Responsive Web Design

We design with the end user in mind. We have nerds who work out the programming, but the front end is all about customer experience.

Social Media Strategies

Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. We make sure your brand is always their first option.

Search Engine Optimization

Google matches search results based on the most recent & socially relevant information to a search query. If your site & social don’t match, and nothing is linked, you are missing traffic.

Email Campaigns & Marketing

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”  Following up with your client base is how you stay engaged, relevant and on their tip of their tongue for referrals and repeat business. 

Reputation Management

We collect reviews from your customers via email, SMS, kiosks at your location, on your website, & on your social channels. 

Customer Conversion

Having a great presence is only half the battle. Getting your prospects to engage and become customers is the hard part.We help you to keep communication  open between your business & your customer.

The Breakdown of your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not just your ads online but your whole online presence.  It’s a finite science of algorithms & code that have to work symbiotically to really generate new and repeat business. Any one can build a website, post to Facebook or pay for Google Adwords, but to make them actually generate business, they have to all work together. 

All all inclusive packages are just that. We cover all your bases and manage them together, so your customer get your whole story and can make buying decisions on their time, in their space. Take a look at your site, would you buy from you? Are you answering the who, what, when, why and how from your home page? Can your customers easily tell what you do and why they should buy from you with out clicking a million places? Does your current Facebook post refer any sales or promotions? Are they easily found on your website? 

Your digital marketing is a virtual salesperson that works and represents your business on all front. Think of him as one person. He needs to have the same message and follow your sales process as if he was in your store.

We design with the end user in mind. Our team has both a solid design and coding background paired with some of the best marketing and content creation experts in the industry. Our sites not only look amazing but generate an overwhelming amount of business for our clients.

We believe in a full service solution. Having a separate company handle each part of your presence can lead to low Google rankings and a low conversion rate. 

Try a Divergent <strong><em>Solution</em></strong> for your business!

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Package Options

A la Carte Packages Available. Call for Details.

How does it <strong><em>work</em></strong> ?

See our web package terms & conditions

All monthly recurring charges will be due on the first of each month and will incur a 5% late charge per month after the fifth unless otherwise discussed. Services will be suspended if payment is not received by the 25th. The term of our agreement will be 12 months and you can renew at that time. This agreement can be terminated at the discretion of the Divergent Solutions, Inc. or if you dissolve or transfer ownership or Divergent Solutions does not meet expectations. If client terminates before end of 12 months, setup fee balance will be due in full. 

All monthly recurring charges will be due on the first of each month and will incur a 5% late charge per month after the fifth unless otherwise discussed. Services will be suspended if payment is not received by the 25th. Once you have paid the setup fee, there is no commitment and is free to cancel at any time, for any reason.

Ownership of social media pages and any other collateral is always yours. We are full disclosure and you will continue to have full access to everything. Once setup fee is paid in full you will own your website and domain and full access to it. In the event of cancellation, we will transfer domain and files to you new host without incident and remove ourselves from any administrative privileges designated.

Divergent Solutions, Inc.’s sole purpose is to generate new business for your organization and increase your web presence. Expectations are outlined below:

Websites are a delicate flower and can, in some cases, take longer than projected depending on requested revisions, content creation and difficulty of requests. On average, websites take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the clients’ desired results. Divergent Solutions, Inc. does not allow a site to go live until a customer has fully approved all content & copy on the site.

At that point, SEO is begun. Google and other search engines can take up to 90 days to recognize any changes made to sites, especially new domains.  We will be asking questions about your preferred target market and put you right in front of them in a variety of ways. Please realize this does not happen overnight. New clients are asked to commit to six months of this service to achieve full results.

Social Media begins instantly and needs campaign approval before anything is posted. Failure to approve posts in a timely manner can affect posting schedules. Divergent Solutions, Inc. will ask for administrative privileges to any accounts created prior to us being involved. Failure to provide this level can interfere with our ability to get the best outcome.

Reputation Management is tricky. It’s hard enough to generate positive feedback, so dealing with negative feedback can sink any work we have already done. Expectation are that we will help to correct any situation online but cannot be held responsible for any negative reviews.

We ask that you do two things; answer the phone and try not to get any negative reviews. When our package is working full force, you will get more phone calls and web requests. Make sure to respond to any and all potential customers calls and web requests and have staff properly trained on how to handle the various request types. This will prevent negative reviews of no one answering them and waste what you’ve invested in getting them to you.

If after our expected six month transition period you do not believe we are fulfilling your needs, all agreements are fully cancellable with no penalty. During the six month transition period you do not feel like we are meeting your expectations, please contact Mary Curry directly at 315-420-1399.

We assess a single project fee for our work, so that there is never a “meter running,” and you can control expenses tightly. Within the objectives and parameters described above, we will commit as much time as necessary to fulfill the objectives and meet the time-frames. You and we may request additional time be spent on aspects of this project without any additional fees or charges. Once a project is started, it is non-cancellable, and agreed-upon payment terms are due as described. However, you may postpone or delay any part of the work in progress without penalty. 

All notifications are required in writing via e-mail or standard mail. Text messages or voice mails are not considered proper notification.

E-Commerce Only: Products are defined as simple vs. variable. As the name implies, Simple Products are the easiest products to understand and manage. Simple products represent unique items unlike anything else in your store. They have a single price and SKU.  Variable Products are a bit more complex than Simple Products. Their complexity will vary based on the products you are selling. For example, if your website sells clothing, you may have a product called “T-shirt”. Shoppers can select the t-shirt they want by size and color. Size and color represent the product’s Attributes, and the options “Red” or “Small” are Variations within their respective Attribute. Each combination of Variations can have its own price and SKU. 

Each product needs to be indexed, have images attached and for your SEO to work Google needs to see each product. Because of this, each SKU  is a considered a single product and will be charged individually at $1 per SKU.

I.E. “T-Shirt” comes in 5 sizes and has 10 color options. Therefore, it will be considered 50 SKUs and have a charge of $50.

To know ahead of time what your project will run you., we can do a free product anaylsis of your inventory and give you a to the penny quote.

Restaurants:  Please disregard the above statement. Your “variations” are actually modifiers and they are expected and require no additional programming.

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