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Marketing Strategy

What is marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy focuses on what you want to achieve for your business and marketing efforts.
Marketing plan details how you’ll achieve those goals.

Your marketing has to be well planned, in advance, as there no magic wand that places a line of traffic out your door quickly. All the pieces have to work together to create your message, brand and story.

The Birth of Your Brand.

In order to convey your message in all formats, these items must have the same style, images and copy throughout. This way your customers know exactly what you want to tell them, where you want them to go and what you want them to do.

The Rule of Seven

The Rule of seven is a marketing principle that states that your prospects need to come across your offer at least seven times before they really notice it and start to take action. Your prospects can be exposed to your offer significantly more than seven times, but they need to see it at least seven times. This helps them remember you amid an overwhelming amount of marketing messages and other information and positions you to get better results from your marketing efforts.

How does it work?

Imagine, you check the mail on your way into the house after work. In it is a beautiful postcard of a couple in a hot tub and a pretty good deal is presented. You walk in the house and place the postcard on the kitchen table with the full intent to tell your spouse when they get home. You work hard and deserve something nice, you think to yourself.

Your phone rings and it is your spouse running late and says to eat without them. You throw in leftovers in the microwave and turn on Hulu to catch up on last night’s Law & Order. There is a really funny commercial of this couple enjoying their hot tub.

When your spouse gets home, you show them the video on YouTube and you both laugh.

In the morning on the way to work, that commercial comes on the radio and as you are laughing you drive by a billboard of that couple.

At lunch, during your Facebook scroll you see the ad again, click it, go to the website and schedule an appointment to look at hot tubs.

The question is which advertising method made you set an appointment?

The answer is they all did. Marketing & Advertising have to work together and you have to reach people on all  platforms simultaneously for it to garner the results most business are looking for. 

There are many ways to achieve the Rule of Seven and that is what we do. We find the winning combo to match your target market and your budget.

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