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E-Mail Campaigns

Doing business with us just adds up

There’s a common saying in sales that goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” The reason this is common wisdom is because it’s true.  A common problem is businesses either don’t have the time or its not part of their marketing strategy.  Following up with your client base is how you stay engaged, relevant and on their tip of their tongue for referrals and repeat business. Another old adage is strike while the iron is hot. If you’re not following up with prospects, I can guarantee your competition is.

At Divergent Solutions, we not only help you do this but automate the process so it becomes part of your day to day process. All we need you to do is answer the phone and check your emails.

The data doesn’t lie.

Follow Up <strong><em> Matters</em></strong>

Hubspot did an impressive roundup of sales statistics that clearly show why following up is so important. Here are just some of the findings:


of sales require 5 follow-up phone calls after the meeting.


of sales go to the vendor that responds first.


of people requesting information will not purchase for at least three months


of B2B marketers practice email marketing

Targeted Email Marketing Lists +

Create a customized recipient list with a wide variety of search selections.


We process all of our email addresses to ensure deliverability and suppress opt-outs.

Social Integration

Add social media links to your emails & share your campaigns on your social channels to improve engagement

Privacy Protection

We strictly follow all industry guidelines for privacy.

Design Possibilities

Our in house graphic design team custom designs each campaign & formats for mobile viewing.

Detailed Reporting

View your campaign’s results securely online & receive live updates on actions like subscriptions, clicks and active users.

Complete Email Marketing Services

Get everything you need to build, send, and track your email campaign—all from one source.

Learn more about targeted lists

EMail Campaign <strong><em> Techniques</em></strong>

Divegrent Solutions uses a combination of these email types to follow up with your current customers & reach out new customers

The Welcome Email Series


Say Hello

By sending a series—three, four or five—you have the chance to build some familiarity with a new subscriber. You can also educate them on your brand promise when they’re most open to hearing from you.

Response Rate

Taking too long to contact a new email subscriber can lead to higher spam scores simply because your subscribers forgot they actually signed up for your list. On top of that, welcome emails receive higher than average open rates, click-throughs, and generate more revenue.

Most Effective

If you put no other kind of email marketing campaign into action — use this one. Divergent automatically includes these in all web design packages. These automate when a client subscribes on your site instantly, allowing you to capture data and further engage with you new client.



Most Common

Chances are you have a promotional email from a brand in your inbox right now…or a few dozen. In my experience as a consumer, these are often less strategic or systematic than we’d like to see. This can be a weekly or monthly promotion, sale or release of a new item.

Be Careful

They are kind of like machine-gun fire, showing up in inboxes over and over again with a kind of rat-a-tat-tat repetition that never changes. That’s not what we encourage — think these campaigns through. Think Bed, Bath & Beyond here. Unless you want your brand synonymous with a coupon, be careful when using this a marketing tactic.

Our Suggestion

Rather than sending 10 different one-off emails promoting your products, what about putting some thought into a campaign that is progressive or unified in some way so one email builds on the previous and leads to the next?



How it Works

With automated email marketing, you can have a user’s action trigger a series of targeted and relevant emails.

the triggers

It might be that they clicked on a link in one of the emails in your promotional email series, put items in their cart but then bounced without checking out, downloaded a piece of content, bought something, or responded to a survey. In some way, their behaviour “triggered” the drip campaign they are now entered in.

most profitable

According to the DMA’s 2018 National Client Email Report, over 75% of email revenue is generated through triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all promo campaigns.



How it Works

This is an email series that is sent not to sell necessarily but as a simple follow-up to a purchase.

the idea

Let’s say I bought a new gadget for my kitchen. The savvy email marketer could use automated email marketing to send emails (triggered by purchase) that both reinforces my decision to make the purchase and builds brand loyalty.

upsell & gain loyalty

For example, one email might give me tips on how to clean and care for the gadget. The next email could be a recipe using the gadget…and so on. From an emotional perspective, it builds trust and delight with customers because you’re delivering value after you’ve already made the sale. Yet each one of these emails is still a chance to up-sell and cross-sell.



How it Works

Although not technically a “campaign,” because it can go on indefinitely, a newsletter or digest—something that’s a regular communication between you and your list—is just smart email.

the idea

When you do newsletters right, they are not sales pieces that your audience is likely to grow tired of but rather emails that can do them a real service — keeping them in the loop on product updates, educating them and even just entertaining them.

upsell & gain loyalty

Some of the most popular emails around are newsletters sent out by brands like theSkimm. But it’s not all give on your part. You benefit too by staying top of mind, building brand loyalty, and providing share-worthy content that potentially grows your audience.

All Packages Include:

Responsive Web Design

We design with the end user in mind. We have nerds who work out the programming, but the front end is all about customer experience.

Social Media Strategies

Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. We make sure your brand is always their first option.

Search Engine Optimization

Google matches search results based on the most recent & socially relevant information to a search query. If your site & social don’t match, and nothing is linked, you are missing traffic.

Email Campaigns & Marketing

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”  Following up with your client base is how you stay engaged, relevant and on their tip of their tongue for referrals and repeat business. 

Reputation Management

We collect reviews from your customers via email, SMS, kiosks at your location, on your website, & on your social channels. 

Customer Conversion

Having a great presence is only half the battle. Getting your prospects to engage and become customers is the hard part.We help you to keep communication  open between your business & your customer.

Get Your Free Web Analysis Now

This report will give your the full breakdown of your current online presence and tell you what needs to be done to fix it. At Divergent Solutions, Inc., we believe all businesses should have a proper web presence, not spam. We hate spam too. 

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